About Pit Parties

Best outdoor birthday party for kids

Pit Parties combine outdoor games and team challenges with obstacle courses and mud at our unique birthday party venue, The Pit.

We’ve been celebrating birthdays, leaving dos, class parties and team-building events here since 2005.

Our parties are suitable for ages 6 to 13. Minimum age is 6 due to the difficulty of obstacles.

Pit Party Format

(around 20 mins)

Party hosts arrive
Instructors set up

First hour
(led by Centaurs)

Warm up (bullrush)
Choice of game

Second hour
(led by Centaurs)

Team challenges & races in The Pit

(around 1 hour)

Kids wash up
Have cake & food

Game Options

You will need to choose a game for the first hour:


Capture the Flag

Everyone’s favourite! Team v team, you’ve got to work together to rescue “treasure” from the other team’s side. Just watch out for the catchers, or you could end up in jail!



If you can’t decide between a “football party” or a Pit party, well here you can have the best of both worlds. We’ll split the guests into teams and play a competitive game of mini football.


Touch Rugby

We only recommend this option to kids who’ve learnt the rules of at school, as it can be tricky to get a flowing game for newbies. Still, it’s a fun game and we’re down to teach the kids if they want to learn something brand new!


Ultimate Frisbee

A good option for groups with a decent mix of boys and girls. With two score zones at either end, a team has to pass a frisbee between them and get it into the score zone. There’s a catch: you have to stand still once you’ve caught the frisbee!