Our Centaurs x Loola Camp Programme for 2018 began with a phenomenal school holiday camp between 18 and 22 June. The group of six boys, all friends from school, included four who’d been to Loola before and were eager to share the fun with their friends. Here’s what we got up to on our week away in Bintan.


After an early start and ferry ride, we arrived at Loola resort and had lunch! Soccer and Table Tennis were clear winners for downtime, 2pm is archery then coconut tree climb.

This afternoon we did archery, the obstacle course and climbed the coconut tree with harness on – the Loola rep climbed the tree in 14 secs (!) but our fastest guy was 50secs. After, we went out with a net and caught some crabs… and then raided a proper trap with a big crab in it. All are happy and enjoying the outdoors.

Crabs were cooked and eaten at dinner, rounded out by fried rice and chicken. Everyone agrees the pineapple is delicious and have put in more requests for that!

While I thought we’d be up for round 2 of 2v2 Soccer after dinner, the gang decided to head to their chalet to play cards. When I checked up on them an hour later, some of them had taken themselves off to bed. An incredibly uneventful evening – bliss!


Woke up overnight to a storm, with the rain pelting on the tin roof and thunder across the sea. It was a great noise to fall back asleep to, and nobody minded the next morning as breakfast was crepes with Nutella.

After brekkie, 3 kids + 2 coaches braved the rain on a marine-flat walk and were rewarded with a splendid catch of crabs, clams and octopus! Pizza making for lunch made for creativity and deliciousness – with lots of smiles too!

Headed out to 2 homes in the local community this afternoon to install some sinks – we had to dig a pit for the water to flow into and then put together pipes with joins – it was tough work! The families were happy with the finished product

After that we came back to Loola and went swimming/crab catching in the sea. Everyone ate plenty at dinner, and saw the end of the day gathered around a bonfire.


First up on day 3 was tie-dyeing our white shirts – the Loola rep showed us how to make a big swirl with the different colours – they’re up to dry now, hopefully they’ll be dry enough to wear home!

After that we did rock climbing – 3 different difficulties of wall. Some were easy and we raced up them, others were harder and we want to have another go if there’s time on another day. It had been raining since then, but the kids happy to fish off the balconies and play cards.

Had a great afternoon – Skywalk (jumping from a ledge between coconut trees) and then competitive Wipeout in the shallows. Nightly game of soccer was essential before dinner.

More cards between dinner and bed – the games become more complicated every night, and the stash of Mentos to bet with becomes ever smaller…


Our busiest day on camp! First activity was building a traditional fish trap out of chicken wire. Super cheap and very effective. Once made, we went on the boat and boomnet activity where we could jump from the boat into a net below – SO fun!

Back at the resort, pizzas were made, wood fired and rapidly consumed. The afternoon was flying fox – the zipline that goes into a pool. Everyone voted this their favourite of the week! Dragon kayak (a kayak in pieces so you can add bits to it and all ride together) was the final activity and we scooted around nearby islands and mangroves.

Nightly soccer game became “low contact” rugby and dinner was a satay bbq – yum! Around the bonfire, all agreed this was the perfect last night at Loola.


We awoke to a scorching hot day in Bintan and set about packing our things. Squeezing in just one more activity before home, we chose rock climbing. Everyone had set their sights on completing the most difficult wall and with a few tries (and lots of vocal assistance) everyone who took on the challenge did it! We were pleased to end the week on a high.

After an early lunch we said goodbye to Loola and Thopan (our Loola rep) and prepared for our journey home. Just 5 hours later via car-ferry-bus, we arrived at Centaurs Sports Park and were met by happy parents. A great week, and another two trips to look forward to!